One passion of mine is interior design and home decorating and I would love to introduce this to the blog. There are so many trends which I am loving right now and I am going to share 3 of them with you in today’s post. 

1. Navy and Blush 

This colour palette is very trendy right now and I absolutely love it. The two colours compliment each other really nicely and they work so well as a feature in any bedroom. My favourite look right now is a navy feature wall, complimented with blush cushions or a throw rug as seen in the image below. The colour palette brings life to any room while also being sophisticated and well thought-out. 

2. Plants

Indoor plants are all the rage right now and I cannot agree more. Greenery can work so well in any room of the house and even more so in the bedroom. Bringing the outside in can make any space feel a whole lot more natural and works well with the minimalist trend. Indoor plants can also add colour and vibrancy to a sometimes dull room.

3. Bohemian Styling

I am loving the bohemian style currently trending. There are so many ways that this trend can exceed in any room. Colourful, patterned textiles, fairy lights and indoor plants are some items spotted in bohemian themed rooms. Some may say that bohemian styling can appear very cluttered however if done well, like in the images below, the results can make any room feel warm and cozy. 

What are your current favourite bedroom styling trends? 

Thanks for reading! 

Sienna Louise xx

(*All images are not mine and are from Pinterest*) 

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