Hi Everyone!

Today’s new post is all about how I currently edit my Instagram photos. There are not many steps to it and it is very easy to follow if you’re interested in exploring new editing techniques or editing apps. At the moment I use two apps, ‘Facetune’ and ‘VSCO’ and one particular filter, however in the future these may change depending on my photos, themes and the discovery of new apps.

So here goes…

1. The first thing I do is open up ‘Facetune’.

2. In ‘Facetune’ I will open the picture I have chosen to edit.

3. Once this is done, I will pick the ‘whiten’ option. I will then whiten any part of the image that needs to be brightened. In this case I am whitening the marble backdrop. 

4. Once I have whitened the parts of the image that may need whitening, I save the image and open it in the ‘VSCO’ app.

5. Once in the ‘VSCO’ app I will choose the ‘HB1/HYPEBEAST’ filter and set it to about +9 depending on the picture and how bright it is. 

6. Sometimes the image may be over-exposed. In this case I will then bring the exposure down by around 1-1.5. 

7. If the photo is not already in a square shape, I will then crop the picture into the 1:1 ratio shape, ready to be posted. 

8. After I have edited the photo, I also like to use the app ‘Preview’ to see what my image looks like in my feed without having to post it. 

And that’s it!

hope you found this post interesting or helpful. I would love to know what apps, filters and editing techniques you use to create a beautiful feed, in the comments below. 

Thank you and see you in the next post!

Sienna Louise xx


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