There is a lot of stigma surrounding acne. I myself have struggled with acne for 3 years now and it is definitely a personal struggle. Sometimes it feels as though I am the only one dealing with acne, so I am constantly having to remind myself that acne is actually quite normal and a lot of people suffer from it.

People with acne are often viewed as people who may be unclean, have a high fat/sugary diet and don’t exercise. I for one know this is completely untrue. In fact most people who suffer from acne often have a better cleansing and skin care routine then those lucky enough to be blessed with clear skin. In saying that though, I will agree that there are some products and foods out there which definitely cause breakouts for some people. 

Acne is an actual diagnosed medical condition, and more often than not can only be treated with proper treatments and medication (The third post in my ‘acne series’ will be a more in-depth post about what I am doing to treat my own acne). As an actual diagnosed condition, having acne means it is not something that can just disappear overnight like a breakout. Instead it can cost a huge amount of money and time to treat. 

After struggling with acne for a number of years I always hoped it would eventually get better. Having acne during year 9 and 10, I didn’t worry about it too much. It was always in the back of mind that my acne would eventually clear up. However after it continued to get worse during year 11, I knew that I needed to take the condition more seriously. Inside, it is something that can definitely affect people’s self-confidence and it certainly affected mine. All I wished for was to have clear, beautiful skin for my school ball last March. After doing so many things to help clear my skin, I went off to the ball unfortunately still struggling with acne. Looking back at the photos from the night, I regret not having tackled the problem when it first arose over 3 years ago. 

Breakouts are completely normal, particularly in the hormonal area around the chin. However many people may call these breakouts ‘acne’, making people like me who suffer from actual, diagnosed, severe acne, even more self-conscious about our skin condition. 

Being surrounded by people with amazing skin can definitely be a confidence buster. But one thing I have learnt from having acne for this long, is that you cannot let it get to you and in the way of going out and having fun. For me, I am going to continue doing treatments until I finally have the clear skin I have dreamed of since year 9. 

There is a lot that people can still learn about acne and there are many barriers which need to be broken in order for the stigma and stereotypes around acne to be changed. For now, here is a little selfie of me. I have kept with the snapchat filter because my skin is currently at its worst and I do not feel confident enough to post a selfie with my skin in its current state. (PSA: This filter blurs out the majority of my acne and redness so although my acne may not look bad in this image, it most definitely is in real life). 

hope you liked this post and if you found this relatable, I would love to hear your story if you also suffer from acne. The next post in the skin care series will be everything I am currently doing to help treat my acne. 

Sienna Louise xx

8 thoughts on “THE STIGMA AROUND ACNE”

  1. I love your post! I have suffered from fairly problematic acne since around 14/15 years old. After exhausting every possible option I tried roaccutane on my dermatologists recommendation. That decision has truely changed my life… I’ve been off the medication for almost two years now and have had clear skin since. I wonder if that’s something you could possible try? xx

    1. Hi Sophia!
      I will definitely be looking into a stronger medication then what I am on as it just doesn’t seem to be doing the job so I will definitely take a long at this one. Thank you!
      Thats great that your skin has remained clear for so long!
      Sienna xx

  2. I’ve had diagnosed acne for more than 6 years now, and have been on about 10 different prescription medications, ranging from antibiotics to pills and topical creams. Although my skin has flared up again, and im struggling with new scarring, it’s definitely gotten better from when it was at its worst a couple of years ago. I recommend epiduo gel, which is a prescription topical gel. Out of everything I’ve used, this really helped me get over the worst of it, and also did good for my scarring. One thing though, is that it is very strong- during the first month or so it was really quite painful- i had burning, stinging, and a lot of peeling and redness where i applied it. Although it wasnt a nice thing to go through, i kept using it, the stinging etc stopped, and it ended up working really well. I used that, in conjunction with the pill for more than a year, and it made a serious difference to my skin- it almost completely, if not entirely cleared up. I stopped using it maybe halfway through last year, but am thinking of getting back on it to try and clear my skin for good- 6 years is a long time! If you want to know about anything ive tried/used, feel free to message me xx

    1. Hi Julia!
      The scarring is definitely worse than acne I reckon because it makes your skin look worse then it is.
      I am currently on Epiduo Gel and I think it may not be strong enough for my skin. I will be trying a different medication soon so hopefully that will help my skin clear up faster.
      For scarring I have done one round of skin needling and although this is quite expensive (and painful) it helped with my scars so much! So once I clear my active acne I will definitely continue with my needling treatments.
      6 years is definitely a long time!
      I hope you find the right treatment to help achieve the perfect skin you deserve 🙂
      Sienna xx

  3. I hope you find the right thing for yourself too! I am definitely thinking of doing some needling/laser treatment in the future, and i’m glad it had such good results for you. Thanks Sienna, and btw i love all your posts! x

    1. Hi Julia!
      Would definitely recommend needling, but be prepared as it is quite painful, especially over the forehead area!
      Thank you so much! Glad you like them!
      Sienna xx

  4. Hi Siena.

    Lovely blog!

    Have you watched any Lisa Eldridge videos? She has suffered from acne and has beautiful skin, so I’m sure she’d have some great tips?

    All the best.

    1. Hi Jodie,
      Thank you!
      I haven’t watched any of her videos but I will definitely need to check her out now.
      Thank you for the advice!
      Sienna x

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